Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six dependable Managers on the Ground.

Think Humanity's projects are all driven by a group of six managers appointed by the organization. The refugees have proven themselves to be of high integrity and character, trustworthy and leaders in their community. They are required to write reports, keep records, receipts and correspond almost daily with the founder of the organization. We believe that it is best to give them control and empowerment because they know what is most needed and how it can best/most effectively be implemented. The group of administrators purchase the malaria medication and nets and distributes them in cooperation with the churches and the social workers in the camp. By doing this, these administrators feel valued as they help to restore hope, save lives and build their community. We are developing young leaders by assisting them but not doing all the work.
Our main goal is to provide the resources and manpower to make positive changes in the lives of refugees. Together, with the COBURWAS Club members, refugee camp community leaders, churches, donors and volunteers, we can help eliminate some of the suffering and death caused by malaria and also help young, orphaned children by providing them with love, care, comfort, education and security.

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