Sunday, May 24, 2009

Livestock Self-sustainable Project

Livestock Project
We raised money for more than 100 goats! The money from this project will support many activities and help support the operating costs of the orphanage. We also raised donations for 100 chickens and a cow.Think Humanity together with the COBURWAS CLUB, (a group of refugee students representing the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Sudan) are working on an orphanage project in the Kyangwali Settlement Camp in western Uganda. Think Humanity and the COBURWAS Club came up with the idea to sustain the orphans by:1) raising and selling many goats, thereby earning money for operating costs for the orphanage;2) using the goats as a food source; and3) teaching the children to care for a goat. They will look after it and when it produces each will remain with a kid to sell. These refugees are displaced due to wars in their surrounding countries. Many are orphaned as a result of war and disease.
We have the livestock, the land, the shed and a goat keeper, however there are so many goats that the goatkeeper needed to be on the land day and night. In January 2009, TH raised enough money to build a house on the land for the goat keeper. In May we built a chicken house. Thank you donors!

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