Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pens & Pencils Project - Children in Africa in dire need of school supplies

Credits-Sarah Bultema, Reporter-Herald Staff Writer for portions of this blog
Loveland Daily Reporter Herald August 28, 2010
Girls at the Girls' Hoima Hostel in Uganda July 2010.
A pen or pencil may not seem like much in America, but for students in Uganda, it's a vital and often hard-to-come by tool that they need to purse an education and enrich their lives.
In an effort to address this basic need, coordinators with Loveland's Think Humanity, a nonprofit that helps refugees in Africa, are asking for donations for writing utensils to be given to students abroad who desperately need them.
"A pen is so small to us here, but we don't really grasp how much something like that is important there. There's a huge need," - Beth Heckel
Students at the girls' and boys' hostels can run run a pen dry in just two weeks and the students aren't always able to afford a new one.
In a country where education can lift citizens from poverty, students need to have all the help they can get to continue learning.

Something as small as a pen or pencil (or lack of one) should not hold them back.

Think Humanity is asking for donations for pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers.
In January, volunteers will return to Africa to hand out the writing utensils.
Other options are to donate money and we can purchase pens, pencils, drawing tables and coloring books there.
For $10 we can purchase 100 pencils in Uganda. We can purchase a dozen drawing pads or a dozen coloring books for $5.
You can visit the website at to donate.
Writing utensils can be delivered or mailed to:
Think Humanity
2880 Spring Mountain Dr.
Loveland, CO  80537

Pictured below are children at the  Coburwas Learning Centre in the Kyangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Amanda Kudron stayed at the Girls' Hoima Hostel for Two Weeks

Amanda Kudron: Think Humanity wishes to thank Amanda for all that she contributed while in Uganda.

She stayed at the Girls’ Hostel for two weeks (a first for a visitor) and through that she shared the challenges that these girls are facing each day.

The hostel girls sing a goodbye song to Amanda

"The girls at the hostel live with nearly nothing: poor sanitation, poor safety, poor nutrition, and on and on. The girls at the hostel share everything. As a visitor who was welcomed to live at the hostel for two weeks, I have never felt so blessed and fulfilled in the midst of having so little. The needs are vast, but they understand the basis of real, Christ-like love. I love each and every one of sisters."- Amanda

Charity and Amanda

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Livestock Project Success

The newest Billy goat

This past May, Think Humanity purchased a new Billy goat to produce higher quality of kids. Celestine holds the first offspring below.

We started with 40 goats in January 2009 and now there are 121 goats.

By January 2012 this project should be income generating and self-sustaining.

Think Humanity gives bed nets to an entire IDP Camp

We brought down groups of 35 people at a time to receive their nets.
3,000 Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets were given to the entire Acholi Quarter Camp for Internally Displaced Persons on July 14-15, 2010. Those that benefited are Acholi and Bugandans.

Thank you Global Healing and Red Empress for donating bed nets for this community of refugees. Ayo Jennifer, AIDS counselor said, “The family is going to live longer and longer because no more malaria. We have kicked malaria out of Uganda.”

The Acholi Quarter Camp is made up of mostly women and children. The World Health Organization recommends the Olyset Nets, the nets TH provided to the IDP.
3,000 Long-Lasting  Insecticide-Treated Bed nets stored in a building waiting to be given out.