Monday, May 25, 2009

Coburwas Club Orphanage, updates and cries for help -Jean-Paul

Lucy is so good to our community and she is doing great to the orphans. She washes them and comforts them as well when they cry. Children are so happy for what is being done for them. Children are becoming many in the camp. Yesterday evening I got a call from UNHCR Community Service requesting us if it can be possible to care and to accommodate the good number of orphans who are coming from the Congo. It is too many but also very hard to send these children in families, because mistreatment of children in families is common. At CCO they can have care and to make them grow morally, spiritually, physically and mentally. I'm saying this because, I have seen how children cry when it is time to go home. They don't feel to go; they want to stay at the CCO, because they feel it is a better place to stay.
Otherwise I am calling upon God to help us to get more donations to help these future generation and future leaders of the world. Thank you for the work that TH is doing to our community in Kyangwali. I'm committed to work for my community and ready to transform it.
Continue caring for us and keep up the spirit you show us. Your love is something greater than money and I believe through it money will be produced. Allow me to end by wishing you success in everything you think can be best to future plan of TH.—Amani Jean-Paul, CCO manager
Pictured -Niyonkusa Janvier, an orphan that was “in a bad situation in the family where he stayed.”

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