Saturday, May 23, 2009

In the camp there are thousands crying; orphans and traumatized women. All are the remnant of around six million killed in the Congo. I am one of those remnants. At the beginning we were 8,000 refugee Congolese in Kyangwali, which only two girls had attended senior six in 13 years. Today there are 23,000 Congolese refugees in the camp. Refugees die prematurely because nobody cares, but today all who hear this message cares. Your participation in Think Humanity will reach you. We have found great potential in ourselves and we can be part of people that can contribute to the positive change in Africa and the world.
Thanks for your donation that will reach our community of refugees in Uganda, survivors of Congo’s deadliest conflict.
"Our life is like an egg or a glass in your hands. Your donations makes us have chicks, hens, roosters and more eggs hence development.”
On behalf of my Community receive our deep heartfelt thanks. -Wereje Benson
Think Humanity helps with some student sponsorships, but also assist 65 girls at a hostel with their education. If you are interested in providing an education to a refugee, please inquire.

Also thank you to Educate! for educating and empowering Africa’s future leaders.

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