Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sewing Machine donations help teenage mothers learn a trade

As Peter Ndelo said, "It has been a practical day for newly teenage mother trainees. They were asked by their instructor each to make a dress for their babies and most of them managed to do this. It was a special day for them also to get new sewing machines donated by ThinkHumanity.org. Esther Akello, the leader of the women, had to intereact with the ladies and also advised them to use the opportunity of this skill life training."

The Acholi women wish to purchase 20 sewing machines for training. So far they have purchased seven, two of which were donated by Think Humanity. Think Humanity will be donating two more this week. The money was donated from Peace Community Church of the Brethren in Windsor, Colorado.

If you wish to donate to the teenage mothers so that they can learn a tailoring trade, you can donate to Think Humanity and we will see that they receive the donation. Each treadle sewing machine (manually powered) is $80.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Think Humanity Sick Bay - Phase one of Think Humanity Clinic

Think Humanity Sick Bay - Phase one of Think Humanity Clinic
For sub-Saharan Africa to achieve economic and social development, improving healthcare must be our top priority. In order to highlight opportunities for expanding access to a quality health care throughout Africa, we are identifying practical solutions to those challenges. This October we are opening a three room sick bay across from the Girls’ Hostel in Hoima. Think Humanity purchases medication at a reduced price and therefore we can treat more students and refugees This also allows them to use their time and resources on other things such as education and food. At the TH sick bay we want to take the time to listen and understand; basically quality over quantity. We are fortunate to have Jane as our registered nurse who truly cares about the well-being of our refugees. We would like to be a registered clinic by the beginning of 2011.