Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Lucy, the teacher for the Coburwas Club Orphanage

My name is Zaabu which means gold and Lucy which means light, kenyana. I was born on 4th Dec. 1985. I come from western part of Uganda. My two names were given to me by my late grandmother who loved me very much just for being the first grandchild thus declared me the light to the world which am striving to fulfill.
My grannie was my everything till she died in 1992 when I started staying with my dad now the late, who truly loved me and later on was called for rest in 1994. I say I don't have a total sister or brother only siblings from all sides. Dad had 11 children and am the last born. My mam has 4 of which am the firstborn. Life has been easy to tally in-between two homes.
After my dad's death, I could get help from my stepdad by then who had married my mum. Just shortly he also died. Here the struggle began. Mam worked hard to look after the four of us. Time came when I could stay home looking after the young ones so as mum to struggle for my school fees of which I thank God it was not in vain. I missed my primary five in 1995 and senior five in 2003, but later on joined again. My sweet mum believes, trusts and loves God. This helped me a lot, because she always assured me of hope for the future and let me know that God always had plans for every event that occurred. My mum reached an extent of putting on one cloth just for our sake. But all that is history now because God can do greater things. My humble background gave me a career to help others and that's why I am interested in your orphanage and am pledging to volunteer with you to make it a success.
I have studied children psychology, administration in children centres and many others. I am doing everything possible through early childhood literature and this gives me a lot of knowledge to care for the young ones and in future I want also to write my own books about childcare. –Lucy (Gold Light)
TH needs to raise funds to pay Lucy $50 a month for teaching and caring for the orphans. She is living there now.

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  1. u r the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to those kids.God bless u sweetheart, Luv u.ZAGRISKI