Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project Meds and Nets

Think Humanity is working with students and the community of Kyangwali so that together we can help eliminate the economic burden, suffering and death caused by malaria.

"Insecticide treated nets are one of the most cost-effective interventions we have in medicine. There are several initiatives focused on getting these nets to Africa, but so far displaced persons have been 'left out' of the picture. One advantage of your program as well is that you don't just 'dump' the nets- (many studies show that nets are often improperly used). Again, you have that community piece built in." - Eileen Birmingham, John Hopkins

"After fighting malaria in Kyangwali Refugee Camp then; The death rate and number of orphans will reduce giving us a happy life. People will be healthy, energetic, and hard working, therefore produce enough food. The money which could be spent on malaria treatment will be channeled to education therefore restoring hope, peace, and prosperity." -Daniel Muhwezi, refugee in the Kyangwali Settlement and Think Humanity Secretary/Treasurer
"The hope should be restored through Think Humanity, because it has put malaria in mortuary about to be buried soon. Through providing nets, medication and comfort to those who are sick, now malaria will have nowhere to go." -Mwamini Pelagia, refugee
"I am Pastor Atanga David from Rwenyawawa Kyangwali Refugee Camp. Dear friend, I send greeting to you and your family in Jesus name. We thank you very much for the mosquito net you were distributed to us because we have few problem of malaria to both Christians and non Christians who received it. Therefore GOD bless your project and your family." -Pastor Atanga David

All statistics and facts are from the Centers of Disease Control website., unless otherwise stated.
With your donation of $5 we can purchase a long-lasting insecticide treated bed net. We can also purchase anti-malarial medication such as Coartem. Thank you for your donation.
Special thanks to Global Healing for the grant to purchase treated nets. So far we have purchased approximately 3,400 nets with their donation. Special thanks to the Paulsen family for donating to TH in 2008. We purchased 1,000 nets with this donation. Thank you Lisa and Steve Allen for their donation that helped us purchase 300 nets in 2008. Also thanks to the many others that donated in 2008. More than 5,000 nets were distributed in 2008 and approximately 1,000 nets in 2007. We distributed 750 nets in January 2009.

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