Monday, May 25, 2009

Kyaka II Refugee Camp needs our help in fighting malaria. Think Humanity

Following our organization’s future plans, goals and projects – 2009, that by end of 2009 is to have also given out nets in a second refugee settlement, Kayak II. We were happy that the camp commandant welcomed us warmly in his office. He said “I am very happy to receive you in Kyaka II refugee settlement and for the great work you are doing voluntarily to your communities. If you get time to go and visit our hospital, you can see the way the majority of people mostly young children, old people and pregnant mothers, are suffering from malaria.

Malaria has affected us so much and at least two children are dying from our hospital, pregnant mothers are getting miscarriages and others dying while giving birth. The majority of children don’t go to school and others drop out due to malaria and their parents while sick, they can’t manage work to raise food and scholastic materials for their children to go to school.

I am certainly convinced that if these people could be sleeping under a treated mosquito nets, this could reduce malaria and people could get energy to work in their gardens hence getting food and raising some little money to support their families.

I like your programs and organization and my office is ready to give you any kind support you will need to carry on your programs. I hope together we can bring a positive change to refugees in Kyaka II refugee settlement and Africa as a whole.”

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