Saturday, May 23, 2009

First we would like to thank those volunteers that put together the TH journals. Money from the sales goes directly to the orphanage project. Here are some comments from our volunteers.
"Making these journals allows me to put a little of myself into a part of someone else's life. Helping Think Humanity is important to me because it's a local group creating global change." - Jessica Ryan, oneintwenty
"Journals are a way for me to escape my daily life and take a deep breath. Yes it can get frustrating with all the cutting and gluing, but to know that I'm saving lives by simply spending my time doing something I makes it completely worth it!!" - Caitlyn Clinton, TH volunteer
"I love knowing that something so simple as a journal can bring hope to so many lives." - Ashley Morrison, TH volunteer
"I make journals for TH because it's a simple way to make a dent in the pain and suffering in the world. It's a small step towards helping others and glorifying God; not only is it beneficial to others in various ways, it's also fun and enjoyable." - Becca Mendoza
"Making journals for TH is refreshing. Creating collages is fun, but when you realize that by doing so a little girl or boy is going to be able to attend school because of it, it definitely puts your life in another perspective." -Sydney Paulsen

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