Saturday, May 23, 2009

Educate! and Think Humanity partner to help students at the hostel

Educate! and Think Humanity partnered to give a grant to the Coburwas Club for the “Back to School Project.” Below is a thank you letter from Coburwas for our support.
Dear Educate! and Think Humanity,

We would like to appreciate all of you for the great financial support towards the implementation of the COBURWAS Back to School Project. Thank you very much.
We are very happy and are going to make sure that the grant money is used correctly towards the project.
We promise to find possible ways on how the COBURWAS Back to School Project shall be sustained so as we can achieve our goal, which is to promote education mainly for girls.
Thank you for your usual cooperation. Together we shall be able to bring a positive change for refugees and to empower social responsible leaders in Africa.


For more information on the Educate! program please visit their website at
The grant money went towards rent and other needs for refugee school students.

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