Saturday, May 23, 2009

In photo:
A baby sleeps on a TH net at the distribution in January for those infected with HIV/AIDS. Thank you PeopleWeaver for this photo.

I know, what it means as a victim of malaria to be free from the bites of mosquitoes.
Imagine, even if you have food you can't eat it when you have malaria, even if you love God you can't fellowship with others in the church, even if you have a business you can't go to work!

Oh! many people are orphans due to this horrible disease, others have cerebral malaria problems, others lost their beloved wives!

With your fundraising, many nets are to be bought. Let’s imagine together how many people are going to be saved from malaria, because of your time, energy, commitment and love.

If God is happy when only one person is rescued how much will he be happy when many have good life and attend church.
Thank you to be part of Think Humanity the unique organization that aims at providing what has not been provided for a positive change. —Wereje Benson

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