Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coburwas Club - Kyangwali Uganda - a partnership with Think Humanity

COBURWAS understood the vulnerability of many children in the camp. Due to the appalling situations these children experienced by loosing one or both parents mostly in wars, there are many cases of child parenting in the camp.
The orphaned children in the camps as well in their countries of origin don’t have access to resources necessary for them to survive neither to attend development capacities to reach their potential nor to access the basic needs namely: Education, health care, food, etc. Some of Club orphaned members care for more than 5 siblings.
Coburwas Club members and the community of Kyangwali refugees then started the construction of a Day care orphanage in the refugee settlement. The main building was constructed over school break, December 2007- January 2008.
The orphanage is a day care and nursery school for children aged 5 and below. The building is for homeless children and the purpose is to provide them with basic needs such as food, quality education, entertainment, comfort, care and love. Several guardians are bringing in orphans but the Club is able to help a few since we only rely on farming in the vacation. Our determination and hope is to help more orphans.

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