Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My bona fide life: What if I told you that you could save a life for $5?

My bona fide life: What if I told you that you could save a life for $5?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bed Nets 4 Life -- EASTER NETS

March 28 
Bed Nets 4 Life - Easter Campaign
To save the lives of children 

Bed Nets 4 Life

Easter Campaign

Think Humanity (TH), along with their African directors, clinic staff, volunteers and interns decided together that it would be a great gift to give bed nets to refugees in Kyangwali Refugee Camp for Easter 2013.

It has now been several years -last time was in January 2010- since we gave out bed nets to the new arrivals and/or replaced old nets at this location. People are suffering and we are responding.

The hope is to give out 2000 bed nets. We have a way to go to meet this goal and time is short.

Next week TH will travel to the camp to get the list of names. Then on March 15th we will go to our supplier and pick up the nets and have them transported to the Think Humanity Health Center - Kyangwali.

Bed nets have been proven to have a huge impact in the fight against malaria. Visit our website to see the latest survey results.

Hope that you will be a part of this Bed Nets 4 Life Campaign.

Donate for nets - $5 each

(3 options: Network for Good, Paypal or send a check to the address on the Donate Page)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bed Net Campaign in March 2013 for Easter Nets

Visit Think Humanity (Facebook) for more information or www.thinkhumanity.org (website) and please consider donating $5 for a bed net. 

$5 for one net for Easter...giving life to as many as 4 children over the next 5 years is an awesome Easter gift. Please consider. 

Malaria Kills a child under the age of 5 yrs every 30-45 seconds in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Share the news! Bed Nets for Easter 2013. 

Nets will be given to refugees in the Kyangwali Refugee Camp in western Uganda. 86% of the people there are from the Congo and 13% are from South Sudan. All have been affected by war in their homeland. Others in the camp are from Rwanda.

Donate today at this link: Easter Nets 2013

There is a blogspot ad below for decorative bed nets. Do not confuse this with a Think Humanity bed net for refugees in the fight against malaria. Our nets are treated with insecticide, last 5 years and are much cheaper...and effective against malaria.