Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uganda Recycled Paper Bead Bracelet Africa Fair Trade

Acholi Bracelet Band, recycled paper

Check out ebay for jewelry sales. Hope to sell all ten of these before we leave for Uganda. It's difficult when we are away because we lose money that we could be earning to pay for medication, doctors, nurses and lab technicians.

Acholi Bracelet Band, recycled paper
Acholi Bracelet Band, recycled paper
Acholi Bracelet Band, recycled paper
Acholi Bracelet Band, recycled paper
Picture credits to Sam Rogers and Iman Woods.
Each multi-colored band bracelet is uniquely made and no two beads are the same. The bracelets pictured may be slightly different than what you receive.The size varies, so please specify whether your wrist is small, medium or large. The band bracelet is made from recycled paper beads with blue, red or black glass beads between the paper beads. Visit the website for more information at www.Thinkhumanity.org.
Note: It is best to keep your beaded jewelry from getting wet. They are water resistant, but not water-proof, which means that splashing when washing will not hurt them, but dipping into water over a period of time can cause them to become sticky. If your items breaks, please let us know and we will make it right. We cannot fix your jewelry because they are made in Uganda, but we will do our best to replace it with something similar.

Think Humanity has partnered with a group of women from Uganda that live in the Acholi Quarter Camp for Internally Displaced Persons. We personally know these women. We are not simply purchasing jewelry in local shops or at the airport like many do. These women are making beads to help earn family income and sustain a community financed food-aid program for their children. We purchase the jewelry from them and they benefit, but then we sell in the USA at a reasonable profit. 100% of the money then goes back to help with Think Humanity projects. It will then benefit those refugees displaced from war-affected countries living in Uganda in refugee settlement camps.

We are helping to build a small economy in Uganda, but at the same time helping our own self-sustainable projects in refugee camps.


The jewelry is made out of tightly rolled colored recycled paper. For example, the women receive donated outdated corporate calendars to use for their paper beads.

By purchasing Acholi products you are helping refugees in IDP and UNHCR camps.

How Think Humanity identifies Fair Trade:

1) Fighting poverty;
2) Building sustainable businesses;
3) Empowering women;
4)Supporting education; and
5) Helping the environment by recycling.

or visit the Etsy Store at www.etsy.com/shop/ThinkHumanity

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