Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Health and Healing in Africa


According to the stituation of the climate change that has brought the problem of global warming, it has brought in very many diseases to breakout where by very many diseases have taken lives of many Africans and in the world at large.

As for as solving the root cause and finding the possible solution to above mentioned problems; by creating a Think Humanity Nursing School (nurse education)  in a region can simply solve both physical, ecconomical and spiritually, plus mental problems that are currently in local societies. This project will  empower and train young generations to be part of the solution through gaining knowledge and skills to solve to save and to serve the community.
Please cast a vote for Jonas' project by going to the ChangeMakers link and clicking the "like" button. Thank you, Beth Heckel.

Nteziyaremye Jonas

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