Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Milele Rafiki (Forever Friend) Bangles

Your purchase of this bracelet st will help buy uniforms for the 31 girls at the Think Humanity Girl's Hostel in Uganda. Domestic uniform includes a t-shirt, skirt and dress.

These colorful bangle bracelets are called "Milele Rafiki" because you can buy one for yourself and one for your rafiki (friend.) Pronounced: Mah-lay-lay Rah-fee-kee. Included in the bangles are mixtures of different types of beads. Beads are made from recycled paper, bone, painted clay, different seeds, glass and some have charms. All bangles have a Think Humanity paper bead to identify who you are supporting. There are small silver metal beads between the larger beads. The beads are all strung on strong elastic.
Try to specify whether you have small, medium or large wrists. Anklet size is also available. All donations from sales of the Milele Rafiki bangles will go towards the purchase of domestic uniforms for the 31 girls at the Think Humanity Girls’ Hostel in Hoima, Uganda. We need to sell 24 sets to purchase the uniforms.
Please visit Charity Gift Market at 
Think Humanity Girls' Hostel in Hoima Uganda

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