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Water is Life in Uganda- Think Humanity

Well Update and  possibilities for future wells. June 30, 2012
Thanks John Bagisha, Water and Sanitation for Think Humanity. We have kept you busy!

Great news in Kanenakumbe:
Kats Construction have gone down 15 meters and found lots of water! They will continue down to about 20 meters. They use a generator to pump water out of the hole so that they can continue to go deeper.

This well was tested to provide 3,000 liters of water an hour (3.7 liters in a gallon) That’s excellent!

John said that this well is so productive that people could fetch water all day, however they will give this well a resting period (on a time table) each day. The reason is that they want to make sure it’s well taken care of and not overused.

The location is perfect. It’s will serve many that live nearby and also the Chairman lives nearby. He’s an old and respected man who will monitor the well. They will have a “Water Source Committee.” This will serve a community of 2,000 to 3,000 people.

Tomorrow or Sunday they will dig deeper. Then Monday, June 1 – Wednesday they will finish up with the cement, pump, etc. Should be done next week before we arrive.

The plaque in memory of the donors is already finished and will be laid in the cement.

There's a possibility that these donors will donate towards a well in Karwabuhire.
There are 5 to 6 boreholes in Nalweyo that need repaired. One is near an orphanage but will also serve a community. I have the photo of that broken borehole.(see below) I’m very interested in that borehole near the orphanage – can be fixed for around $900. That repaired borehole would also service 2,000 people plus children at nearby schools. We hope to visit on our next trip.

We have a list of three additional wells that will need constructed.
1) Buhimbe on the road from Hoima to Kyangwali. (will visit)
2) Butanja before you arrive to Hoima on the Kampala Rd. (will visit)
3) Near the Girls’ Hostel. The one at the bottom of the pathway. (last photo below)

We can repair all five boreholes in Nalweyo for around $4,500 total and other wells will be around $3,500 each to construct.
Water source in Buhanika before the latest well was constructed
The new well was completed in June 2012 and is located near the Moonlight Primary School in Buhanika. It will serve as many as 2,000 people from that village.
New well in Buhanika near Moonlight Primary School
Dean and Brenda Rice recently donated towards a new well in a village called Kanenakumbe. It's near Hoima Town in Uganda.
Here is the water source before the new well

The well is not completed yet but should be in a couple of weeks. The donors have provided this well in memory of Raymond and Rita Weishaar of Kansas.

The Kanenakumbe well is progressing and should be completed by mid-July
If the donors are pleased with the above well, they will donate towards a second well in Karwabuhire.
Karwabuhire location. Present water source.

This is a borehole that I am passionate about getting repaired. We can get this repaired for $900. This well serves children at the Pelagia Orphanage in Nalweyo, Kibala District western Uganda. It will help other children at nearby schools and 2,000 village people. Please help us fund this repair!
Lastly, we would like to construct a well near the Think Humanity Girls' Hostel. This child was collecting water the day I walked up the road to visit our girls.

"Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink."  John 7:37 

Think Humanity has constructed 2 wells in Kyangwali Refugee Camp, 3 wells in Kyaka II Refugee Camp, a well near the Morning Star Christian School in Hoima, a well in Buhanika, a repaired borehole in Nalweyo and now the well in Kanenakumbe which is nearly finished. Please help us provide a safe and accessible water source (pump wells) to those in need.

Beth Heckel

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