Saturday, March 3, 2012

LET THERE BE LIGHT!...and there is light!

Solar panel update!

It was said today, "I will not complain about not having light again."

The wires are connected, the panels are in place and we should have pictures by Monday! Thank you to all that donated towards this back-up light source for my birthday. 

We are still working on getting the solar fridge, which is very important (and we are getting closer), BUT one step at a time, because NOW there will be light, LET THERE BE LIGHT! the TH Health Centre in Hoima, Uganda.

Many, many thanks to Amy Evancheck who helped us to raise a large part of the initial funds -she got us off to a running start. I will say it over and over again "She gave birth to this great achievement and SO, THIS IS HER BABY!

Special thanks to Jennifer Campbell and Heather Kholif who held a fund-raiser at Applebee's to also make this possible, to all of the volunteers that day and all of the people who came out to support TH.

Thanks to all of you -- nurses will no longer be treating our patients in the dark.

Individuals to thank that donated through Amy Evancheck (nurse who came with us to Uganda), who saw a problem and pushed us to the solution -
Bridgett Perez, Len Wheeler, Kimberly Holty, Rosemary Novak, Marilyn Naper, Phyllis Gilbertson, Judi Hoback, Paul Krueger, Charlotte Havey, Mrs. John Krueger, Karyn Holz, Lauren Kraus, Michelle Stone Kaus, Susan Ryan, Ellen Evancheck, Patricia Coe-Withington, Rebecca J. Beshore, Barbara Masoner and Mary Ann Evancheck...and of course Amy, who not only fund-raised, but she donated as well.

You can easily see the results of your donations through TH, no matter how big or how small.

Mungu iko!

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