Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Being a Leader is Great - I love my job."

Christine's intro by Charity Watson, TH Board Member in Uganda.

Madame Christine is our hostel matron. Her strength and ability to influence these girls inspires me daily. The girls listen to her, respect her, love her, and fear her. She truly is such a big part of this project and I am happy to call her my sister. These are her words….

Since I become a leader, it changed my life and my behavior. I love my job which is being a matron to keep young girls at Think Humanity Girls’ Hostel in Hoima. I love staying with young girls because I can teach them many things like how a girl child must behave, because teaching a girl child is to promote the nation.

I love Think Humanity girls because they listen to me joke, love my advice, play with me netball every weekend at Kitara Secondary School in Hoima and they like it so much because am a mother to them since they left their parents at home to come to school. I become a mother but I also have to play with them and that’s assign of love becouse I love them so much.

Some people say that girls are bad because they steal their husbands. But I say no because once they are taught how to behave, then they become good leaders of tomorrow. Look at Uganda today: women are so important because they are being elected to be representatives in communities, councils, and parliament.

Staying with young girls changed my life. I respect my life such that I can be an example to the rest. When you find same one in need you can help because you will get blessing from our lord and you can have the ever-lasting life upon that. Therefore, members lets join hands and support young girls.

My mother used to stop me from having groups but I could tell that mummy this is my time but then which time is that? Because I could see other girls going to public places I had to sit down and ask my uncle’s wife, but Abwooli does my mother love me? She said yes and that is why she is stopping you from having groups they are bad and it will not help you any more. After getting that from her I told her that am not going to ashame you. I have to be a leader anywhere so long as I lead young girls such that they can get a bright future.

Share what you have: Command them to do good, good needs, and to generous and willing to share. In this way, they will lay up treasure for them selves as a firm foundation for the coming age. So that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.

ADVICE: I do advise my girls about many things in this world as a girl child:
■The way they should behave in the community.

■Acquire a positive, prosperity mindset.

■Work harder, wisely and smartly more especially in education.

■Set and work on spiritual, social and career goals.

■Maintain your integrity, virginity in all you do people will continue respecting you.

■Look after your self and families as well e.g. by helping your mother cooking digging and other work were necessary. Soon than later, you will be a prosperous girl/woman.

COURAGE: The other ingredient of prosperity is courage. In life, one is often confronted with a situation where one is to take a risk. Here I mean that going out for discos, videos, night cinemas as a young girl. To take risks and unknown is by going out with bad groups.

PROSPERITY: Since whatever is inside a person’s life, behavior, and achievements of anyone are determined by the inside self, someone with prosperity will become prosperous.

GOALS: The first and the most important step for any successful life are to set goals. With goals, a person looks for what he or she knows and moves towards a known destination. You know what you are looking for you are likely to find it.

MEANWHILE: Before you achieve your goals to live in abundance, learn from your teachers what they teach you. They are very important lessons.

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances, I know what it is to be in need, I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether we are fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in wants. “I can do every thing through him who gives me strength’’ yes do every thing through him and the rest will follow and that is our Lord.

Written by Nyandera Christine (ateenyi)
Please feel free to contact Christine with any questions regarding one of the girls that you have sponsored.
Tel: 0788833681

Christine, TH matron at the THGH

Christine and Jonas with the girl hostel leaders
Girls are studying on the floor (we need tables and chairs) as Christine irons in the corner

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