Saturday, February 4, 2012

A basic purpose -- the gift of power!

My wish is to celebrate my birthday with a purpose. A basic purpose -- the gift of power to Think Humanity!
For the past three years in February, I have asked for your help to raise money for Think Humanity for my birthday. This year is especially important to me.

In May 2011 we opened a health care center in Uganda; the Think Humanity Community Health Centre.

It is registered with the Ministry of Health -- a wonderful place where the most disadvantaged (refugees and underdeveloped rural communities) can receive good, quality health care for free.
In July 2011 while in Uganda I experienced something heartbreaking. While we have a wonderful 24 hour service, the power in this area goes out for days at a time. There was a call late at night so I decided to go along with the doctor to the THCHC.

A young pregnant woman was suffering terribly with malaria. She had a high fever and was crying for her baby to live. She was afraid that she would have a miscarriage. It was pitch dark - no power, only the flashlight that I carried. I had to hold the flashlight for the doctor as he put an IV into the back of this young woman's hand.

While holding the flashlight I was looking around the room with tears in my eyes. First, I will say that I was grateful that we could even have this service to save lives, but secondly I feared for this woman and her baby. Life's challenges are enough in East Africa, but to also deal without power was another unthinkable challenge. I became very frustrated that we did not have a backup power source.

That is why I am fund-raising for my birthday to raise money for a solar panel that will provide electricity to the clinic, but also will keep reagents (chemicals for lab testing) from spoiling in the lab fridge. If we can have a reliable source of power, we can keep immunizations in the lab fridge and help more children.

This week we have had reagents spoil due to a power outage - we have lost enough reagents that could have helped 30 people!

I could tell you more reasons why this alternate power source is necessary, but I believe it stands on its own.

Won't you please donate towards a solar panel for our clinic in Uganda in honor of my birthday?
My wish is to celebrate my birthday with a purpose. A basic purpose -- the gift of power!
"To help save lives and provide hope for refugees and underdeveloped communities in Africa by improving provisions for healthcare, clean water, education and socio-economic development."

Beth Heckel, Think Humanity Director/Founder

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