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Get Girls Into School - Think Humanity


Shown are girls from the Kyangwali Refugee Camp that have benefited from the hostel/education in 2011
 The Think Humanity Girls’ Hostel begins a new year in January 2012 and will bring 30 new girls from refugee and underdeveloped communities together under one roof, where they will have access to secondary education.
Without the opportunity to study further, these children are likely to get married at a young age, earn low incomes, have large families they cannot support, and thus continue the cycle of poverty and under-development.

This project attempts to break that cycle. The children will not only gain access to secondary education, but they will be supported through additional tutoring, educational seminars, entrepreneurship skills training, leadership development, physical activities/sports, access to health care, and peace-building activities.
Our goal is not simply to give girls an education, but to give them the skills and tools necessary to succeed in life and give back to their communities. After all, they know their communities and the problems better than we do.

Of course, a project like this takes money. Education is a long term investment that requires initial capital – but the outcome is worth it. Education, and particularly female education, is a proven way for countries to develop and reduce poverty.

Please help us to educate young girls. We will have a link up soon where you can meet all our girls. Most of them are orphans, some have one parent, but all are waiting for this opportunity of a lifetime. -Charity Watson, Project Sponsor

What it will cost to sponsor a girl in 2012.
2012 Girl Education Cost Breakdown

Rent $75.00

Health Care $30.00

Transportation $25.00

Uniform $15.00

Firewood/Water/Electricity $10.00

Food Support $25.00

Books/School Supplies $20.00

Total for 2012 $200.00
Think Humanity will cover other expenses such as toiletries, IDs, cook, initial expenses such as beds, cooking utensils, furniture for study room and library and any overages/unforeseen expenses.

Funding for a student can be made in one payment or in installments.

Visit this fundraising link to Donate to "Get Girls Into School",

or Think Humanity, 2880 Spring Mountain Dr. Loveland, CO 80537

"The world may be better because you made a difference in the life of a child."

"Education for girls has been identified as one of the best solutions to reversing the relentless trend of poverty and disease." - UN Chronicle

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