Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Second Think Humanity Well in Kyangwali

     Think Humanity was created to provide relief, support       and hope for a promising future to refugees in Africa.

       A Second Think Humanity Well was Constructed in Kyangwali 

Photo dated 1/ 2011, taken by Jim Heckel, Think Humanity

Before the well (below) was constructed, the children were fetching dirty water from this location above. The well was built just a few feet away.
The second well has been completed in Kyangwali Refugee Camp on 2/6/2011. Thank you Americans for Philanthropy for your donation to make this possible.
A third well is now being constructed in Kyaka II Refugee Camp in Uganda with the Christmas money donated by Think Humanity individual donors and we are ready to build a fourth well as soon as we get funding. To donate to the “Water is Life” project please visit this link:     

Think Humanity Request for Humanitarian Help
Nine year old Kanana sits at the ruins after a fire destroys his home.
Photo taken by Nteziyaremye Jonas, Think Humanity. 3/2011
Think Humanity is requesting your help for a Congolese family of eight who lost their home due to a fire in the Kyangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda. Already losing everything due to war and having to resettle to a refugee camp is hard enough, but then to lose everything again is even more devastating. One witness said, “They didn’t have time to remove anything from the house but themselves.”

They lost all their belonging, including the beans and maize (corn) that they recently harvested. Their mud hut can be rebuilt for approximately $300. If you are able to help Kanana please place a donation by clicking the link below.

For another $650 the family can replace all their belongings.

“To help others should be a blessing not a burden. Be blessed!” - Beth

Donate through Network for Good

Children at the CLC in Kyangwali still need our support in 2011

If you are a donor for a young child at the CLC and have not yet paid for your child’s first term ($50) please do so soon so that your child can get their new uniform, shoes and pay for their tuition. Also, ask us how you can help support the education of a teen girl. Thank you.

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