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Clean Water Project - Water is LIfe - Maji ni Uzima

Clean Water Project - Water is Life

Maji Ni Uzima - Water is Life!

Pictured above is the dirty spring where villagers were fetching their water before TH built the well. Below and above are the after photos.

October 2010
 UNHCR Refugee Camps need access to clean water sources. Refugee Camps where we work have thousands of refugees who make their daily walk to many polluted water sources. This routine is generally done by women and children. They travel about two miles one way and they carry containers weighing up to 40 pounds on their heads. Time spent walking and resulting diseases keep them from school, work and taking care of their families. While some may boil the water, many thirsty and unknowing children and adults simply drink it directly from open swamps which can result in diseases such as typhoid, cholera and worm parasites.

Think Humanity built a well next to this spring in February 2011 so that we could provide clean water to 1,000 refugees. This photo was taken one month before our second well was completed. (after photo to come)
The good news is that we are changing all this by providing wells. The wells we are building are located in the villages where water is most needed.

Think Humanity completed their first well in October 2010. The well was constructed in Kyangwali Refugee Camp in the village of Kinakyeitaka. A second well was constructed in Kyangwali in February 2011. Together both wells will provide clean water for thousands of people.

A third well is being constructed in Kyaka II Refugee Camp in Uganda. Kyaka II needs several more wells so please help support clean water for refugees. For $3 Think Humanity can provide one refugee with safe drinking water for more than 20 years. Each hand-dug water well with hand pump costs between $3,000-$4,000 to build.

We are building our first well in Kyaka II, but a second well is also needed there. Kyaka II Camp has more than 16,000 people. They share only five boreholes that were constructed by the UNHCR. Everyday people walk from far distances to get water and when they arrive they wait in long lines. When it is difficult to walk long distances, people are getting water from nearby springs where they share water with animals.

The first well in Mukondo Village will provide water to 2,500 people. This well will also serve Mukondo Primary School. Presently the only way to get water to this school is by car tanks. The second well location will be in Sweswe Kitonzi where there is a population of 1,500 people. The existing well in this location is a long walk for people to travel and when they reach that well they have to wait for almost an hour to get water. It is difficult for pregnant women and those who are sick to get water at this location. These people are suffering and are exposed to many diseases. By providing these new wells Think Humanity will save these people from diseases. (Emmanuel Nsabimana Ntamwete, Meds and Nets Manager)

Please help us raise money for a second well in Kyaka II Refugee Camp.

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