Monday, August 9, 2010

Amanda Kudron stayed at the Girls' Hoima Hostel for Two Weeks

Amanda Kudron: Think Humanity wishes to thank Amanda for all that she contributed while in Uganda.

She stayed at the Girls’ Hostel for two weeks (a first for a visitor) and through that she shared the challenges that these girls are facing each day.

The hostel girls sing a goodbye song to Amanda

"The girls at the hostel live with nearly nothing: poor sanitation, poor safety, poor nutrition, and on and on. The girls at the hostel share everything. As a visitor who was welcomed to live at the hostel for two weeks, I have never felt so blessed and fulfilled in the midst of having so little. The needs are vast, but they understand the basis of real, Christ-like love. I love each and every one of sisters."- Amanda

Charity and Amanda

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