Friday, May 25, 2012

The food situation in western Uganda right now:

"The situation is so terrible. We are soon burying people because of hunger. There's no money and the place is dry. Even our crops are dying. Sincerely, there is no maize. Very soon we will stop taking lunch because there's no means so we are living for God's Will." --Samuel, a Congolese living in the UNHCR Kyaka II Refugee Camp Uganda.

Truthfully it's easy for us to ignore this and go about our day, have a great lunch, enjoy a Starbucks and go back to work or to our homes, turn on the TV and then have a nice dinner. Later that night we crawl into bed and we feel no hunger. Yes, most of us have been blessed; however there are children in our world that go to bed extremely hungry every night. (See 2012 world hunger stats on bottom link)

I know you care about others so here is how you can help.

Feed Just One has a goal to make it as easy as possible for you to feed a child. You might not be able to feed every hungry child in the world, but you can feed one.

Every time you buy a T-shirt from Feed Just One they donate 30 meals. At the beginning of every month they send your donation to Think Humanity and we send it to Uganda to our education manager. He then goes shopping for food with the girls that are living at our hostel.

Pictured are some of our girls purchasing food at the marketplace in Hoima, Uganda

If Feed Just One sells 90 T-shirts every month, then it should be enough to feed all 30 girls for 30 days. See there! With each T-shirt you purchase, you provided a whole month's worth of meals to one of our children. Thirty girls might not sound like a lot, but FJO has committed to providing 32,850 meals a year!

Visit the Feed Just One website to learn more at

For the price of one inexpensive meal here, you can feed a whole classroom full of children (in this case a hostel full of girls).

Mother Teresa once said, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."

Who we are feeding and why: Think Humanity brought these children together to live in a hostel so that they can receive a secondary school education within the town of Hoima. Our girls come from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, northern Uganda and poor rural villages in Uganda. These children have been victims of war or displacement and most have been orphaned. Learn more about the Think Humanity Girls' Hostel.

"Let God help us. Last weekend the hospital was full of people sick from hunger and malnutrition." - Andrew, Refugee from the UNHCR Kyangwali Refugee Camp Uganda. "It is true famine is very tough now here. That is why all children came to school without food." Amani, UNHCR Kyangwali Refugee Camp Uganda.

Learn more about the 2012 World Child Hunger Facts/Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics. The main cause of child hunger (malnutrition) is extreme poverty. Conflict (war) and climate changes also contribute to starvation.

The photo above was taken last April when money from T-shirt sales helped provide our children with eggs, bananas, pineapple, rice, potatoes and cabbage.

You can also contribute to Think Humanity at this link: Donate

"To help save lives and provide hope for refugees and underdeveloped communities in Africa by improving provisions for healthcare, clean water, education and socio-economic development."

Beth Heckel, Executive Director

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