Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Malaria Day April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012 Foundations Church Middle School
Think Humanity's, Beth Heckel spoke on Wednesday April 25, 2012 to the youth at Foundations Church. Some volunteers held up the bed net while a child laid inside to demonstrate how to be protected from mosquitoes. A child under the age of 5 years will die every 30 seconds from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, but malaria is preventable and treatable.
A $10 insecticide-treated long-lasting bed net can help saves lives.

To learn more about Think Humanity and how to help fight malaria visit this link. Think Humanity.

Malaria is a disease of the blood that is transmitted to people by an infected female mosquito. Malaria infects and destroys red blood cells (anemia) and clogs the capillaries that carry blood to the brain (cerebral malaria) or to the vital organs.

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