Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weaved Earrings Made from Yucca Plant Fibers by Refugees

Handmade in Uganda by Acholi refugee women in the Acholi Quarter Camp, these coiled earrings were made using the traditional basket weaving technique. They are made from yucca fibers and then dyed bold and vibrant colors.
By partnering with refugee women in Uganda and creating a global business model through which they can sell their handcrafted goods, Think Humanity provides these women with a means for economic empowerment.
Not only do we buy from refugees, but 100 percent will go back to help refugees in both IDP and UNHCR camps. Visit our website for more information and how you can help us with healthcare and education.
Think Humanity uses the Fair Trade model-

1) Fighting poverty
2) Building sustainable businesses
3) Empowering women
4) Supporting education; and
5) Helping the environment by recycling and using natural resources available.
These one-of-a-kind earrings make unique and excellent gifts.
Earrings come vary in size from 2.25” – 2.75” in circumference.
Other sites sell hand woven African earrings for $50 a pair. Handwoven jewelry made from yucca fibers can sell for $200-$300.
The earrings are a work of art.
Our earrings are only $15 each.
Think Humanity is a nonprofit organization 26-1635429 whose mission is to make a positive change for refugees in Africa.

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