Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Net - Four Children - Five Dollars

Photo credit to Stacey Frumm.

Today is World Poverty Day. The main mission of Think Humanity is: “Joining in the fight against malaria by providing refugees with resources and manpower.” We have provided more than 8,000 mosquito nets (LLIN) to refugees in Africa. WHY CONNECT MALARIA AND POVERTY? UN economists identified malaria as one of the top four causes of poverty. Every year it kills millions of people and is estimated to cost the African economy $30 billion per year (more than 500 million per year get malaria). Professor Jeffrey Sachs (read the End of Poverty) believes ending malaria is the most important priority in lifting Africa out of poverty. PLEASE DONATE $5 to buy a net and protect four children from malaria for five years! That’s only 1.25 per child.100% of the funds specified towards mosquito nets will be used to buy nets for MaNdate 7 Christmas 2009.

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